Lara Croft Temple of Osiris: Information and Video

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Keeley Hawes has returned to voice Lara Croft video games after stepping aside in 2013.  Keeley began voicing Lara back in 2006.  You can learn a lot more about Keeley and Lara in her interview for the Independent.

You can also see a message from Keeley to her Lara Croft fans.

The Casual Vacancy: Another Image of Keeley Hawes

Here's another photo of Keeley Hawes as Samantha Mollison in The Casual Vacancy

Charity: Unicef Ambassador Calender 2015 with Keeley Hawes

 Keeley Hawes is a supporter for UNICEF and had travelled to Papua New Guinea this year to help support UNICEF. "Keeley witnessed children with severe malnutrition being treated in the capital’s main hospital and travelled by boat to one of the most remote places on Earth to see children being vaccinated against life threating yet preventable diseases."  Here are some photos of Keeley in Djibouti from 2012 for World Food Day.

You don't have to be a celebrity to help out.  You, too, can help UNICEF and the projects they support.  One such is the UNICEF Ambassadors calendar 2015, which includes a photo of Keeley.

Share the adventures of UNICEF Ambassadors and supporters who have travelled to UNICEF's programmes. This stunning new calendar explores the countries and children's projects visited and gives a brief history of their involvement.

The Casual Vacancy: First Image of Keeley Hawes

The Telegraph has posted the first image of Keeley Hawes in The Casual Vacancy.  You can view the full image HERE.

Also you can view an interactive trailer which has some scenes from The Casual Vacancy HERE or watch below.  The Casual Vacancy scenes include several with Keeley Hawes.

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