Welcome to the 64 people currently online and browsing the site. Ashes to Ashes has been a success if the visitor numbers here are any indication. As many of you have registered for the galleries, it may take us some time to activate everyone!
Edited to add there have been over 100 registrations for the galleries since last night! 

Ashes to Ashes : preview on You Tube

Thanks to Twister who spotted a preview clip on You Tube.

Ashes to Ashes : behind the scenes clips.

Radio Times website for A2A has some behind the scenes video clips and synopses for the first 2 episodes.

Ashes to Ashes : more interviews / articles

Thanks to Flip for passing on some links to a couple of new publicity articles.

  • Wylie blog Has new piccy of Alex and in tomorrow's Manchester Evening News there's an interview with Keeley.
  • The Stage interview with Keeley and Phil

Ashes to Ashes: Keeley & Matthew interview Daily Record

The Daily Record posted a fantastic interview with Keeley to promote A2A. Some great insights into her working life.

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